Fluid Art Originals

by Traci Scerri

Welcome to my creative space : )

I’m an abstract fluid artist living my best life in Johannesburg, South Africa. For me, acrylic paint pouring is liberating and unpredictable ~ it teaches me to let go of expectations and just go with the flow, so to speak!

Join me for a workshop or private lesson in Johannesburg. Or arrange a fun paint ‘n sip party, bachelorette function or ‘just because’ event with your friends – it’s the most creative fun you can have in only 3 or 4 hours! Learn some amazing paint pouring techniques including the Dutch Pour, Blooms (Sheleeart style), Swipes, Cloud & Pearl Pours, Flip Cups, Open Cups, Travelling Straight Pours, Spiral Pours, Feather & Wave Pours… and more. Please complete my BOOKING FORM and let’s start chatting on whatsapp.

Many of my class participants have returned again and again to learn different fluid art techniques. Check out some of the awesome TESTIMONIALS I have received  thank you to everyone who has shared their experience, I truly appreciate your feedback! I would love to receive your review on whatsapp, by email, or via the contact form above. And if you’re keen to learn a specific technique, pop me a message and I will arrange a class for you. 


If you’re bitten by the fluid art bug after attending my classes (which happens often!) and you’re excited to continue on your own fluid art journey, you can purchase all your acrylic pouring paints and flow control mediums directly from me, at no extra cost. I have partnered with Bastion Paint, a South African manufacturer of acrylic pouring products and special effect paints. In my classes I explain the products used for each pouring technique, and you’ll be happy to learn that local artists no longer need to purchase expensive international products (like Floetrol or Satin Enamels) to achieve the same amazing effects!

In between life, community theatre, vegetable gardening, graphic & web design (my day job), and of course throwing and blowing paint around in my art studio, I’ve recently launched an ONLINE SHOP. Please have a look at the paintings I’m selling and take advantage of some real bargains ~ I’ve greatly reduced the prices of some earlier works to make space in my studio!

I really enjoy working closely with people to create artwork for their home or place of business, in custom colours and styles. Together we will conceptualise the ideal piece of customised art to suit your personal style (or that of your business) and the space it will occupy. Please complete a short COMMISSIONS form and let’s start a conversation on whatsapp. Yay!

If you’d like to see how I create my paintings using different acrylic pouring techniques, I have loads of demonstration Reels on INSTAGRAM so please follow me there, or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel (and hit that notification bell) ~ you’ll find many Shorts and I’ve recently started publishing longer tutorials in which I demonstrate different pouring techniques and how to mix your paints using proudly South African products. Come keep me company!

CONTACT ME anytime if you have questions about my classes or about fluid art in general ~ I would love to hear from you! Feel free to opt-in to my mailing list ~ no spam ever, that’s a promise. 


Thank you, I love receiving your feedback!


Join me for a fun and creative acrylic paint pouring class and learn various fluid art techniques. Create your very own stunning piece of art on canvas or wood panel!

Dutch Pours (hairdryer), Blooms (Sheleeart style), Swipes, Pearl Pours, Cloud Pours, Flip Cups, Open Cups and many more techniques.
R550 per person per class.
For private one-on-one lessons, additional R150.
If you would like me to varnish your painting, additional R200.

* Choose a date below (or request a date)
* Usually A 3-HOUR SESSION starting at 1pm 
* Studio in Floracliffe, Johannesburg
* All art materials supplied
* Light refreshments INCLUDED
* Please bring an apron or wear ‘painting’ clothes

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